Pominter’s managing team relies on its apple growing past experience to value local productions abroad. Additionally this helps us to understand and fulfill as best as possible our customers’ requirements whether they are within the European Union or outside Europe.

Pominter also distils its know-how to its customers that often, also are apple growers. We bring our customers a mastery of our profession while integrating the entirety of the agricultural sector.

Quality control

The requirements and achievement of enforced standards, such as IFS Broker, means that a quality policy is mandatory and has been introduced at Pominter to this end.

Pominter puts a strong emphasis to raise awareness amongst its associates so that they embrace this policy.
We are committed to sustain and promote this policy as well as dedicate necessary time and budget to make sure our customers are fully satisfied. We strive to be and stay amongst the leaders of our industry. We want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through quality, shooting for the excellence of our products and services offered. Our consumers, customers and suppliers’ satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns, proven through the adherence and respect of our commitments.

In accordance with established laws and directives, and considering civil society and environmental needs, Pominter confirms :

  • The installment, surveillance, and maintenance of a fitting quality assurance mechanism in accordance with sustainable development principles. This means being capable of assuming legal, environmental, and social responsibilities as citizens following a sustainable development engagement.
  • Its responsibility to implement and complete this quality assurance policy to comply with customer needs.
  • Being conscious that a quality assurance policy is essential to ensure the products’ quality, reassure buyers as well as other actors of the growing and marketing of the products.
  • Its desire to improve the organization by suppressing dysfunctions, while reconciling economic imperatives (profit).

Pominter is committed to communicate and introduce necessary workflows and mechanisms so that its employees display integrity and responsibility to stick to the main objective: our customers’ satisfaction (consumers, buyers, suppliers), while adhering to legal, ethical, and economic rules.

Pominter is committed – through workflow/mechanism reviews – to measure the efficiency and pertinence of this policy, to initiate necessary evolutions to maintain the motivation and training of its employees.


The quality control & assurance workflows and mechanisms we established years ago allowed us to significantly improve the quality of our offerings and allowed us to reach high-end marketplaces with stringent requirements and very little tolerance for default and imperfection.

This approach reaches the entirety of our subsidiaries that either produce and/or commercialize our fruits. If they have an immediate effect on our work ethics, they – first and foremost – allow us to guarantee our customers a total dietary safety, thanks to our cultural know-how combined with our relentlessly controlled traceability.

GlobalGap is the international standard for good agricultural practices that guarantee a healthy and sustainable food, produced by passionate farmers, for consumers all over the world.
Agriculture Biologique is the standard that guarantee a quality tied to production mechanisms that are sustainable and environmentally proven.
IFS (International Featured Standard Broker).
BRC (British Retail Consortium).
Vergers Ecoresponsables is the label that certifies that all of INNATIS orchards are respecting and adhering to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) charter.

Those certifications are frameworks that allow us to :

  • Supply quality & healthy products to customers.
  • Guarantee food safety to distributors.
  • Adhere to health & hygiene requirements from the community.